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Recent TxP plugins from textpattern.org

  • mta_affiliate

    This plug-in will update appropriate URLs with versions tagged with your iTunes Affiliate Program affiliate ID.

    The following preferences need to...

  • oui_cookie

    Set, read, reset or delete cookies manually or through HTTP variables.

  • oui_quote

    Easily display your own quote or pull one from the following services:

      Le Figaro (fr). Le Monde (fr); Quotes on Design (en); They Said...

    • oui_embed

      Get information from any web page (using oembed, opengraph, twitter-cards, scrapping the html, etc). It’s compatible with any web service...

    • mem_form

      This plugin was created to be used by other plugin authors. It’s intended to provide an easy to use and...

    • mem_self_register

      This plugin is designed to enable community driven sites. Users will be able to register themselves for an account to...

    • oui_instagram

      Instagram recent images gallery

    • kuo_ace

      With this plugin you can embed Ace code editor to several Textpattern’s admin-side sections. The editor is loaded using CDN.

    • oui_dailymotion

      Easily embed Dailymotion videos in your content

    • adi_article_tab


      adi_article_tab is an enhancement to the standard Article Edit tab:

        display article ID article delete button