How to add more Form types

Last patch for TxP version 4.4.1 ONLY !

a) Open up /include/txp_form.php in your favorite text editor.

b) replace

if (!in_array($type, array('article','category','comment','file','link','misc','section')))


if (!(in_array($type, array('article','category','comment','file','link','misc','section') )|| in_array($type, safe_column("type", "txp_form", "1=1 GROUP BY type"))) )

c) add after line

                $types = array(''=>'','article'=>'article','category'=>'category','comment'=>'comment',

this line

$types=array_merge($types, safe_column("type", "txp_form", "1=1 GROUP BY type") );

d) add after line

$panes = array('article', 'category', 'comment', 'file', 'link', 'misc', 'section', 'article-tags', 'link-tags', 'comment-tags', 'comment-detail-tags', 'comment-form-tags', 'search-result-tags', 'file-tags', 'category-tags', 'section-tags');

this line

$panes=array_merge($panes, safe_column("type", "txp_form", "1=1 GROUP BY type") );

Now you may use any type which is in the table txp_form.
For new type form: once modify field type for one existing record in txp_form table via phpMyAdmin.

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