Store external text-based files as TxP articles

HowTo: Store external text-based files inside Textpattern as articles.


  • Store all files in one place – MySQL database.
  • Gzip compress for output. It’s actual for large javascript library such as jquery.
  • Allow edit text files from Textpattern interface.
  • Allows you to group and manage files as ordinary articles.


  • If your need, make own RSS feed for your files.
  • If your need, open comments for your files.

HowTo make it:

1. Install plugin aks_header

Get and install plugin aks_header

2. Create new page template “textfile”

<txp:aks_header file="1" strip="0" gzip="1" /><txp:article><txp:body /></txp:article>

Store external text/css/js/xml files as articles in TxP

3. Create new Section “file”

4. Exclude section “file” from your sitemap (optional)

5. Create new article (e.g. text-based file text/css/js/xml)

  • Article Markup – MUST be Leave text untouched
  • URL-only title – set correct extension for file
  • Section – MUST be file

Store external text-based files as TxP articles


  • Fill Keywords (used tru_tags, etc)
  • Set Category1, Category2
  • Set categories rss_unlimited_categories
  • Excerpt – some description, etc…

6. It’s ALL.

See result: aks_header.txt

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